In Qiushi

Through Beijing in autumn was founded in 1979 and now has more than 30 years development, the company only a dozen people from the beginning of casing small workshops, has now become the casing has 1200 employees of large modern enterprise, at present there are 10 branch companies across the country, nearly 30 purchasing station, products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and directly drive the national more than ten thousands of farmers' income to become rich.
Company since its establishment, in line with "quality is the lifeline of enterprise" principle, always put quality as the first, in 2005 the company became the nation's first natural casing processing enterprises through HACCP certification (registration number: 02107 f10001r0m, the European Union health registration number: 1100/05007). At the same time the company has always insisted that own brand, independent brand "DADI" has casing ? anywhere in the world


Glorious history

The company in Shandong Longkou army peak speed soon be irritated dead cold storage utilities army green to cold storage and award to...


2007 annual Chinese economic figures

In the years ahead, we will, as always, to "for customers to create value maximization" for the business, and this rack one's brains, giant fiber Bi for...